Advice for the sellers

Before selling a stock

Selling a product on RMOpportunities means create a new offer.
You may add offers one by one or several at a time using an Excel sheet.

Please note that only stocks that have never been used are allowed on the platform.

If the shelf life of the product is passed, it is still possible to sell it under certain conditions. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us to get more information.

You and only you set the price for your offers. However please bear in mind that the lower the price is the quicker it will be bought. We advice not to set a price higher than 50% of its original price.

Don't forget that an unused stock is a liability. It represents lost cash, used spaced in your warehouses and unwanted management costs.
Step 1

During the sales

After creating an offer on the website, you will receive offers of purchase from various potential buyers.

The country where the buyer lives in is indicated next the its offer as well as the rating of the buyer computed from his previous purchases.
You may completely stop negotiations with one particular potential buyer if you don't think the negotiations are going anywhere.

Several buyers can make offers at the same time on the same product.
The negotiation forms are available on the pages of your offers.

Please note that it is important to discuss the incoterms linked to the sales. Get in touch with us if the buyer hasn't contacted you.
Step 2

After the sales

Once the negotiations are over you will be linked to the buyer.

Our role in the process of the sales is now over.

You are required to respect the conditions of the sales negotiated on our platform.

Several weeks after the linking process has been made, you will received an email that will ask you to evaluate the buyer.
It is also thanks to your ratings that the members of RMOpportunities are ranked.

You can find all your invoices and your negotiations history in your member area on the website.
Step 3