Advice for the buyers

Before buying

You have found a product interesting for you?

Please check its shelf life date, the place it is stored at, its security data sheet (SDS) and all of the other data you would normally check with a regular supplier.

If you can't find all the information you were looking for, ask directly your questions and the required documents to the seller.
Step 1

During the negotiations

In order to guarantee you anonymity all of the negotiations and the questions are made on the platform.

It is possible that the seller has blocked the negotiation of the quantity if his stock is indivisible - eg.: a 1m3 big-bag.
It is also possible that the seller has block the negotiation of the price. This is usually because the price is already much cheaper than the original one.
In each case, if either one is blocked, you won't be able to change its respective value during the negotiations.

Please also negotiate the incoterms during the quantity and price negotiations by clicking on the button "Ask a question to the seller".
Step 2

After the purchase

You agreed on a price and a quantity with a seller for the purchase of a product?

All you have to do is wait for the linking to start.

Once the process has started and the identities have been exchanged, proceed to the sales while respecting the quantity/prices/incoterms negotiated.

After that sales has been made, you will received an email that will allow you to grade you experience and your seller.
Step 3