Reusing, recycling and circular economy

A new concept

The term of circular economy has first appeared in the book entitled "Cradle to Cradle" by Michael Braungart and William McDonough. It mainly talks about Eco-conception and the reuse of materials.

Prior to this, the main model was the linear economy; which is: produce -> use -> destruct.

This new model firstly allows you to reduce your need of natural resources and secondly greatly helps you to save money on your purchases.
In 2002

The beginnings

This new model is used more and more thanks to the beginning of new activities in the Eco-conception field or in the management of resources.

RMOpportunities wants to help develop the circular economy in the field of chemistry by making it possible for the companies to sell their unused stocks of chemical raw materials and to buy some closer than their usual provider.

With RMOpportunities, not only you have a way to smartly reuse resources but you also limit the gas emissions caused by the long distances between you and your materials.

Our service can be add to your company's HSE program.

Common practices

It is evaluated that the circular economy will greatly develop in the years to come.

Most companies will be using simple and efficient services such as RMOpportunities in order to limit the production of wastes and to optimize their stock managements.

Don't wait any longer, join the movement and step in the era of sharing and optimization thanks to our platform!
In 2020