Our manifesto

At RMOpportunities, we think that resources on earth are far too crucial for the Humans well being to be wasted. We believe in the possibility to give a second life to a chemical product thanks to the circular economy. The latter and our solution will make it possible to use raw materials optimally.

On one hand, RMOpportunities offers a new way to companies to dispose of their unused chemical stocks. This helps them improve their ecological footprint while saving money because they don't have to destroy these stocks. On the other hand, we help companies that are looking for chemical products to get them at prices below the market thanks to the use of unused and valued chemicals.

Our ambition is to offer companies a zero waste policy for their chemical raw materials.

RMOpportunities wants to become the leader in the activity of linking companies together for chemical products redistribution. Thus guiding companies from a linear economy to a circular one less prone to consume precious resources.

We are motivated by the possibility to improve the world resources consumption while helping companies to make more profits. If you want to buy or sell chemicals while protecting the environment, join us and register on our platform!